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Do you dream of travelling the world? Lying on the golden sandy beaches of Sardinia, hiking up the mountains of India, and taking part in the dance festivals of South America. These experiences often seem like a lifetime away but why? Here are some of the reasons that people don't seem to turn their dream vacations into their reality vacations along with our solutions!

I can't afford it

Many people worry about the finances involved in travelling. Thereís the flights, accommodation, sight seeing, souvenirs, and not to mention money for food, insurance and new clothes and toiletries to take with you. Travel can seem like a million miles away when money is in the way but there are so many ways to have a fantastic journey while on a budget.†

Flights- Many budget airlines now travel to far away places, meaning that you don't have to pay above and beyond for first class airlines. Also, many airlines offer reduced flight prices at certain times of the year, so look out for when the prices drop. These are usually during holiday seasons, like January sales and also when the flights aren't filling up as fast as they usually do. There are also many ways to save money by earning points when you fly, joining airline memberships and even going standby. There are loads more benefits to becoming a member including access to airline lounges, and early bird discount offers via your email.†

Accommodation - Some airlines and hotels combine together to offer bundles for flights and accommodation, making it cheaper to book them together. This also means that your transfers are linked and means less waiting time at the airport! There are also plenty of budget accommodation sites, where you can find the best rates for certain dates. Hostels are a fantastic option, many steering away from the stereotypical backpacker basic style, by having swimming pools, maid service and room service!

Insurance - This can be found very cheaply on a number of comparison sights. Make sure to enter specific details; you donít want to be paying for worldwide travel when you are only visiting one or two destinations. Also if you are planning a few holidays in one year, it may be cheaper to go for an annual cover as appose to paying for each individual holiday.

Spending money while there - Get saving now. If you know that you are going to go on holiday in 6 months time then put aside £10 a week, by the time it comes to your holiday you will have more than enough to cover you while you are away and stick up on essentials before you go! Don't buy at the airport, items can be overpriced, instead purchase reusable travel sized bottles and fill them with shampoo and conditioner that you already have.†

Time off work

If you are worried your boss won't give you time off, try asking for a sabbatical, that way you can go back into your old job after having up to 6 months off! Know your rights!

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